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Hi everyone! That’s me to the left and I’ve been a Pokemon card collector my whole life! I created this site to share my love and spread information about Pokemon and other trading card games.

I run a donation center as well where every month I will donate Pokemon cards to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital located in Tampa. 

My goal is to help you get the most money for your Pokemon cards, whether that’s buying them directly from you, or helping you consign them to an auction company, I am here to help.





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A+++++ Very easy process selling my Pokemon cards. is an easy to navigate and very informational website when it comes to Pokemon cards! I found this site through a Google search with no prior references. I received more money for my Pokemon cards than anyone else offered me. I would recommend to any friends and family.

A. R. (Verified Customer)

Feb 14, 2020, ★★★★★

I was hesitant about selling my Pokemon cards online before coming to you guys. Not only did you offer more money for my cards than any local shop, but you also made the entire experience painless. The entire process was refreshing. Thank you!!!

P. D. (Verified Customer)

Nov 20, 2019, ★★★★★

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