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Error, Misprint, and Miscut Pokemon Cards

Dragonite Pokemon Error Inverted WB Stamp Error card

Did you know the Pokemon cards in your closet could be worth a lot more than just a few dollars? Every Pokemon card printed has a chance of being worth more money because of an error. There is a chance your Pokemon card has a printer’s defect that is rare.

There are many different types of error, misprinted, and miscut Pokemon that come in different combinations. We buy Pokemon cards with printer defects, but they have to be exactly like the ones listed below. Anything else simply will not be rare.

1. Miscut Pokemon Cards

Miscut error Pokemon cards are actually more common than most people imagine. For a card to be attributed as Miscut, the front and back must have the same registration.

Value: $1 – $150

Sophocles Full Art Trainer Pokemon Miscut Misalignment Error Card

 Miscut Error Card

We’re constantly buying Miscut Pokemon cards, especially holo and full art Pokemon with this type of error.


2. Fold Over/Printed Fold Error

Easily one of my personal favorite types of error cards ever, the printed fold over error. This happens when the sheet gets folded just before the printing process. Underneath the printed fold should be blank!

Value: $50 – $500

Bulbasaur Lv.14 71-132 Pokemon Card Printed Fold Over Error

 Printed Fold Over Error


3. Color bar Error (Miscut)

Another one of my favorite errors are color bar errors. According to, color bars are test targets used to measure print and/or proof attributes. These color bars are typically printed on the trim of a press sheet.

Value: $10 – $250

Lillipup Pokemon Card 103-149 Miscut Colorbar Error

Colorbar Pokemon Error

As you can see from the picture above, the left side of this Lillipup Pokemon card has a color bar. We love collecting color bar error cards.

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4. Magic Back

Magic the Gathering was the first card game ever printed in 1993. Wizards of the Coast was the printer, and they also printed Pokemon cards. There are examples of Pokemon cards that have Magic the Gathering reverse sides.

Value: $500 – $1,500

Growlithe German Pokemon Card with Magic the Gathering Back Error Card

Magic Back Error

We’ve only had a few of these in our collection over the years, and whenever they are offered to us we always love giving our best offer. If you have a card that looks like the image above, contact us today!


5. Obstructed Printing Errors

When it comes to Obstructed printing errors in Pokemon cards, they are few and far between. There are two types of obstructed printing errors: retained and not retained. Retained obstruction errors still have the object obstructing the printing still attached to the Pokemon card.

Value: $50 – $2,000

Hitmonlee Obstructed Printing Error Cigar Roll from Crown Roll Leaf, Inc Error Card

Obstructed Printing Error

The above picture is a perfect example of an obstructed printing error with a retained obstruction. Before the print came down, something got in the way, in this case, the holo-foil company logo. Some people believe this to be a cigar wrapper, however, that is not the case.

You never want to take off the obstruction as it will be worth much more with the obstruction retained. Contact us if you have anything like the Pokemon card pictured above.


6. Inverted (Upside down) Stamp Error

Inverted Stamp errors, also known as Upside down stamp errors, are pretty uncommon and can be worth a lot of money. The value of a card like this will depend heavily on the cards overall condition.

Value: $50 – $2,000

Dragonite Pokemon Error Inverted WB Stamp Error card

Inverted Stamp Error

This type of error can happen on any type of Pokemon card that has a stamp on it. Sometimes the sheets of Pokemon cards get fed into the machine the wrong way, leading to this unique error occurring.

While there are no exact numbers of how many were printed, there are less than 150 inverted stamps known in existence. You can find the inverted stamp on any Pokemon with this Warner Brothers stamp: Mewtwo, Pikachu, or Dragonite.

7. Shifted Holo Layer (Misaligned Layer)

These are some of the coolest error cards in my opinion. Shifted holo layer cards don’t show up on the market very often, but when they do we’re always very strong buyers. The earlier the set the Pokemon card came from, and the better the condition will typically result in a higher value.

Value: $25 – $250

Articuno Holo Pokemon Card Shifted Misaligned Holo Layer Error Card

Shifted Holo Layer Error

The example above is an Articuno error card with a shifted holo layer. We’ve owned examples similar to the image pictured above. If you’re curious how much your error card is worth, contact us today and we’ll evaluate your card free of charge and no obligation!

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8. Filler Cards

When people see a filler card they typically believe they have an error card, which isn’t always true. Filler cards are cards on a sheet that “fill” the sheet because there weren’t enough Pokemon cards to fill the rest of the sheet. These cards are never meant to get out into circulation but accidents happen!

Value: $50 – $300

Grey scale Filler Error Pokemon Card

Grey Scale Filler Card

The example above is a grey scale filler card. We’ve seen people reproduce these gray Pokemon cards and try to make fake examples. Anything that is worth money means people are willing to make fake examples and try to sell them as genuine. We can very easily tell if your grayscale card is fake or not. We’ll need to either see the card(s) in person or have very good photos. Let us know if you have a grey Pokeball Pokemon card!


9. For Position Only Cards

For position only cards were essentially test print cards produced for the purpose of testing colors, image size, and positions. These cards were never intended to get into public hands. Condition is important for “FPO” cards, but valuable regardless.

Value: $500 – $1,500

For Position Only Alakazam Error Filler Pokemon Card

For Position Only Pokemon Card


10. Blank White, Yellow Boarder Filler Cards

Blank Yellow Filler cards can be rare depending on which era they are from. Modern cards will be more common while vintage will be harder to obtain, and more valuable. Condition will always play a factor when determining the value of these Error cards.

Value: $20 – $100

Yellow Border Blank White Error Pokemon Filler Card

Yellow Border Blank White Error Pokemon Filler Card

These Pokemon cards can come in different colors and types, depending which packs and sets they came from. People generally think when they found one of these cards they’ve hit it big. However, we’ve seen people pull these out of packs more frequently that one would imagine. We are buyers of all Pokemon Error cards like the one pictured above.


11. Double Printed Back Pokemon Cards

These double printed Pokemon cards are often seen by the public as fake, however, every example we’ve seen has been genuine. That does not mean there aren’t fakes out there, there definitely are. Double printed error cards are more scarce and valuable than most other errors, meaning more money in your pocket.

Value: $50 – $250

Double Printing Back Pokemon Card Upside Down Back Doubled Print Error

Double Printing Back Pokemon Card

The card above not only has doubled print on the back, but its also printed upside down. It’s considered a radical error due to the nature of its appearance.

Remember: the value will increase based on both condition and which Pokemon card its printed on. For example, if this back was printed on an already valuable Charizard card it would be much more expensive and collectible than a much less desirable card, like Rattata.


12. Additional Ink Errors

Typically, additional ink errors are not valuable. However if you combine a collectible card with an error, you’ll almost always see demand and value. The card below is considered by collectors a “Red Heart” error, because the additional ink looks like a red heart. Clefairy is already a collectible Pokemon card, making this card pretty valuable depending on condition.

Value: $50 – $100

Clefairy Red Heart Additional Ink Error Pokemon Card

Clefairy Red Heart Additional Ink Error Pokemon Card


Additional ink errors come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on factors like condition and which Pokemon card the error happened on will coorelate to the market-accepted value of the card. Remember if you’re looking to sell your Pokemon cards, we are buyers!

13. Missing Color Error

Sometimes during the printing process, an entire layer of ink will be missing. In this case, the back of the card was only printed in shades of Blue, giving it the appearance as shown below. Some people will say it looks “sun faded” however this is not the case. If you understand the printing process for Pokemon and know what a sun faded card looks like, you’ll know this card is a genuine error.

Value: $50 – $150

Blue Back Missing Print Layer Pokemon Card Error

Blue Back Missing Print Layer Pokemon Card Error

Missing print layer cards are not common, and highly collectible if you can find the right buyer. We are strong collectors of Error Pokemon cards, and we would love to make you an offer on your cards. You never know what type of printing error you have have hidden away in your Pokemon bulk!

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