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Donate Pokemon Cards to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital

Donate Pokemon Cards to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is located just north of us, in Tampa, Florida. This hospital treats more children than any other hospital in the Tampa area. 

If you have Pokemon cards you no longer wish to keep and would like to donate to a good cause, consider donating your cards to St. Joseph’s Children’s hospital. 

100% of donated Pokemon cards are brought to the hospital by us and given to the children here. 

How do I Donate?

Donating is simple! Ship the Pokemon cards you wish to donate to our PO Box any way you like. We recommend shipping in a box or envelope depending on how many you plan to donate. All Pokemon cards you want to donate should have a written note inside saying “DONATE” so we know you are not wanting us to purchase these cards.

Random Bulk Lot of Pokemon Cards going to Donation


Due to COVID St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is currently not accepting bulk Pokemon cards. They are currently only accepting brand new, sealed donations for health reasons. We are still stocking Bulk Pokemon for future donations but in the meantime, we are only donating excess Sealed Pokemon product we have.

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