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When it comes to us buying Chinese Pokemon Cards, we’re recognized as the strongest buyers of these old pieces of cardboard. What keeps us so competitive is our low overhead costs, we don’t have hundreds of employees or even a brick-and-mortar shop, we’re strictly online. There are exceptions where we’ll meet in person to purchase Pokemon. For extremely valuable collections, we’ve even flown around the country to ensure our customer feels safe about the transaction.

We buy everything, including the following Pokemon sets:

  • Base Set
  • Jungle
  • Ex Legend Maker
  • All Stars Collection
  • Dreams Come True Collection

It’s important to remember there weren’t many Pokemon sets printed in Chinese.

If you’re not sure what you have, and you couldn’t find your bill listed below, you’re more than welcome to reach out and contact us today. We typically respond immediately, but you can expect a response with our best offer within 24 hours of your message.

Pokemon Base Set in Chinese was released in Taiwan and Hong Kong in the year 2000 and never made it into China due to issues with licensing. China did not have many Pokemon cards printed for the language however we are very interested buyers of these Pokemon cards. 

Chinese Pokemon Base Set Packs

Chinese Pokemon Jungle was interesting because for China it was not printed as an entire set. Instead, there was only just one card printed as a promotional card which was Pikachu. This Pikachu card from Jungle in Chinese language today can be worth a few hundred dollars in perfect condition.

Pokemon Card Game Jungle Set

Chinese EX Legend Maker is one of my favorite Chinese Pokemon sets ever released. This is due to the low pull rate for some of the best cards in the set. The set is extremely affordable considering it was released in 2006. We love buying Chinese EX Legend Maker Pokemon cards.

Chinese EX Legend Maker Packs

All Stars Collection

The Pokemon All Stars Collection set is a relatively new Chinese set released on October 9th, 2019. The last set to release in Chinese before this was in 2006, so it’s been quite a while! We are not buying too much of this set from the public because it’s currently available to the public.

All Stars Collection Pokemon Chinese Set Packs

Dreams Come True Collection

Dreams Come True Collection Pokemon Set was released on December 20th, 2019 in Chinese. It’s always exciting news when Pokemon decides to release a set in Chinese. We collect all Chinese Pokemon cards and are excited when people offer them to us.

Dreams Come True Collection Chinese Pokemon Set Packs

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