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Pokemon Neo Genesis Information & Values

Pokemon Card Game Neo Genesis, Lugia 1st edition

Neo Genesis Pokemon will come from either 1st edition or unlimited sets. As seen above, one of my favorite Neo Genesis set Pokemon cards is Blaine’s Charizard which is 1st edition. The first edition cards will almost always bring a premium over those cards without the 1st edition stamp.

But what is Pokemon Neo Genesis? Neo Genesis is the sixth set for Pokemon to release in North America on October 16th, 2000. This set touched the hearts of many children and adults around the world. Today they can be very valuable depending on both condition and edition.

In this fully extensive guide, we wrote on Neo Genesis Pokemon, we go over every single Pokemon card ever printed. Right below are pictures of different Rarities printed for Neo Genesis. Simply click on the picture or denomination to learn more about the value of a specific type of Pokemon.

If you have any questions or you’re interested in selling your Pokemon cards to us, contact us today as we’d love to hear about your Pokemon card collection or individual cards.

Neo Genesis Pokemon Rarity

What is Pokemon rarity? The rarity of a Pokemon means exactly what it sounds like, how rare is the card? The better the rarity, the less were printed and the more valuable they almost always are. The rarity is located at the bottom right corner of the card, next to the card number.

Here is a list of all potential rarities you can find in a pack of Neo Genesis Pokemon cards:

Pokemon Black Circle Common

Common cards will have a black circle.

Pokemon Black Diamond Uncommon

Uncommon cards will have a black diamond.

Pokemon Black Star Rare

Rare cards will have a black star.

1st Edition Blaine's Arcanine from Gym Challenge Pokemon Card Holo Rare

Holo Rare

1st Edition Giovanni's Magikarp from Gym Challenge Pokemon Card Common


1st Edition Brock's Dugtrio from Gym Challenge Pokemon Card Rare


1st Edition Erika's Bulbasaur from Gym Challenge Pokemon Card Uncommon


Pokemon Neo Genesis Values

1st Edition Neo Genesis Set Sealed Booster Box

1st Edition Neo Genesis Set Sealed Booster Box

The value of Pokemon Neo Genesis relies heavily on a few factors that we’ll go over in this guide. It’s important to know Neo Genesis was the seventh set printed for North America. If you have genuine, non-re-sealed, Pokemon Neo Genesis Set booster packs or boxes, you have something that can be very valuable! Please keep in mind, we buy all Pokemon from Neo Genesis Set, individual cards, packs, and boxes.

If you aren’t interested in learning about Pokemon Neo Genesis and simply want to know how much your Pokemon card is worth, send us a clear image of your card, front and back, and we’ll respond with our best offer within 24 hours.

Demand for Pokemon Cards

The first factor when figuring out the value of Pokemon Neo Genesis is supply and demand. Like most things, there needs to be a demand for a Pokemon in order for the bill to fetch a premium. With Pokemon Neo Genesis, typically speaking, Pokemon with fewer cards printed (supply) are more desirable and sought after (demand). There are examples of old Japanese and other language Pokemon cards that have low supply and low demand, but we’ll save that discussion for another time.

Pokemon Neo Genesis card condition

The next factor is condition. Condition is King. If you have a Pokemon card that people desire, it’s going to bring money. But if you have a card that people desire and it’s in good condition, you’re going to have a card that’s worth a lot more money.

We’ve paid $50 for a Blaine’s Charizard in poor condition, and the same card in pristine condition 1st edition we’ve paid over $1,500 for. The same Pokemon! Condition is key when determining the value of Pokemon cards.

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Error, Misprint, or Miscut Pokemon from Neo Genesis

Not many people know this but the error cards from the Neo Genesis set have a good chance to increase the value of a card. If you have a card that has a genuine miscut, that alone can increase the value of a bill tenfold. We wrote a whole in-depth guide about misprinted error Pokemon cards you can check out here.

Market Conditions for Pokemon Neo Genesis

The final variable when determining a Pokemon cards value is the market. Markets are constantly fluctuating for better or worse. The market for Pokemon is generally pointed in one direction, which is up. There have been moments of time, like 2016 with Pokemon Go, that really brought collectors back into the market.

We “pay up” when it comes to Pokemon cards from Neo Genesis, whatever the market prices are. It’s important to remember people tend to think they have something extremely rare and valuable when most of the time unfortunately they don’t! But there is still a good chance you have something valuable in your collection.


Here are the variables to know: Supply & Demand, Condition, Error cards, Market. If you have any questions about your Neo Genesis Pokemon cards make sure to contact us immediately. We need to see a clear photo of the card(s), front and back, to determine its value. We will respond within 24 hours with a free appraisal and our best offer if you want to sell your Pokemon Collection.

Below is a list of every Pokemon from Neo Genesis ever printed. As you may notice, we love talking about Pokemon Cards that was printed for the United States. We would love to talk to you about your old Pokemon card. Contact us today, we’re the real deal!

Every Neo Genesis Pokemon Printed. Click a Pokemon’s Name below to learn more.

Card #Card Name
1/132Blaine’s Arcanine
2/132Blaine’s Charizard
3/132Brock’s Ninetales
4/132Erika’s Venusaur
5/132Giovanni’s Gyarados
6/132Giovanni’s Machamp
7/132Giovanni’s Nidoking
8/132Giovanni’s Persian
9/132Koga’s Beedrill
10/132Koga’s Ditto
11/132Lt. Surge’s Raichu
12/132Misty’s Golduck
13/132Misty’s Gyarados
14/132Rocket’s Mewtwo
15/132Rocket’s Zapdos
16/132Sabrina’s Alakazam
21/132Blaine’s Ninetales
22/132Brock’s Dugtrio
23/132Giovanni’s Nidoqueen
24/132Giovanni’s Pinsir
25/132Koga’s Arbok
26/132Koga’s Muk
27/132Koga’s Pidgeotto
28/132Lt. Surge’s Jolteon
29/132Sabrina’s Gengar
30/132Sabrina’s Golduck
31/132Blaine’s Charmeleon
32/132Blaine’s Dodrio
33/132Blaine’s Rapidash
34/132Brock’s Graveler
35/132Brock’s Primeape
36/132Brock’s Sandslash
37/132Brock’s Vulpix
38/132Erika’s Bellsprout
39/132Erika’s Bulbasaur
40/132Erika’s Clefairy
41/132Erika’s Ivysaur
42/132Giovanni’s Machoke
43/132Giovanni’s Meowth
44/132Giovanni’s Nidorina
45/132Giovanni’s Nidorino
46/132Koga’s Golbat
47/132Koga’s Kakuna
48/132Koga’s Koffing
49/132Koga’s Pidgey
50/132Koga’s Weezing
51/132Lt. Surge’s Eevee
52/132Lt. Surge’s Electrode
53/132Lt. Surge’s Raticate
54/132Misty’s Dewgong
55/132Sabrina’s Haunter
56/132Sabrina’s Hypno
57/132Sabrina’s Jynx
58/132Sabrina’s Kadabra
59/132Sabrina’s Mr. Mime
60/132Blaine’s Charmander
61/132Blaine’s Doduo
62/132Blaine’s Growlithe
63/132Blaine’s Mankey
64/132Blaine’s Ponyta
65/132Blaine’s Rhyhorn
66/132Blaine’s Vulpix
67/132Brock’s Diglett
68/132Brock’s Geodude
69/132Erika’s Jigglypuff
70/132Erika’s Oddish
71/132Erika’s Paras
72/132Giovanni’s Machop
73/132Giovanni’s Magikarp
74/132Giovanni’s Meowth
75/132Giovanni’s Nidoran♀
76/132Giovanni’s Nidoran♂
77/132Koga’s Ekans
78/132Koga’s Grimer
79/132Koga’s Koffing
80/132Koga’s Pidgey
81/132Koga’s Tangela
82/132Koga’s Weedle
83/132Koga’s Zubat
84/132Lt. Surge’s Pikachu
85/132Lt. Surge’s Rattata
86/132Lt. Surge’s Voltorb
87/132Misty’s Horsea
88/132Misty’s Magikarp
89/132Misty’s Poliwag
90/132Misty’s Psyduck
91/132Misty’s Seel
92/132Misty’s Staryu
93/132Sabrina’s Abra
94/132Sabrina’s Abra
95/132Sabrina’s Drowzee
96/132Sabrina’s Gastly
97/132Sabrina’s Gastly
98/132Sabrina’s Porygon
99/132Sabrina’s Psyduck
101/132Brock’s Protection
102/132Chaos Gym
103/132Erika’s Kindness
105/132Giovanni’s Last Resort
107/132Lt. Surge’s Secret Plan
108/132Misty’s Wish
109/132Resistance Gym
111/132Blaine’s Quiz #2
112/132Blaine’s Quiz #3
113/132Cinnabar City Gym
114/132Fuchsia City Gym
115/132Koga’s Ninja Trick
116/132Master Ball
117/132Max Revive
118/132Misty’s Tears
119/132Rocket’s Minefield Gym
120/132Rocket’s Secret Experiment
121/132Sabrina’s Psychic Control
122/132Saffron City Gym
123/132Viridian City Gym
125/132Transparent Walls
126/132Warp Point
127/132Fighting Energy
128/132Fire Energy
129/132Grass Energy
130/132Lightning Energy
131/132Psychic Energy
132/132Water Energy

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