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How much is an Electrode Pokemon Card worth?

Pokemon Name: Electrode
Evolves into: Voltorb
Release Date: 1999
Set: Base Set

1st Edition Shadowless Electrode Pokemon Card Value

Description: Electrode from 1st edition Base Set was actually supposed to be a holographic card believe it or not. First edition Electrode cards can be worth a lot of money depending on their condition. The Pokemon Electrode is an Electric-type Pokemon meaning it uses Electric energy to use its abilities.

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As you can see this is considered a “non-holographic” card. Most non-holo cards are worth less money than their holographic counterparts.

Value: Most Electrode Pokemon cards will be worth $1 to $5 in played condition. Cards in pristine condition are worth around $20. If your card was printed with a 1st edition stamp it will almost always sell for more money.

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Text: Ball Pokemon. Length: 3’11” , Weight 147 lbs.

At any time during your turn (before your attack) you may Knock Out Electrode and attach it to 1 of your other Pokémon. If you do, chose a type of Energy. Electrode is now an Energy card (instead of a Pokémon) that provides 2 energy of that type. This power can’t be used if Electrode is Asleep, Confused, or Paralyzed.

Electric Shock | 50
Flip a coin. If tails, Electrode does 10 damage to itself

It stores electrical energy under very high pressure. It often explodes with little or no provacation.  LV. 40  #101

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