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Maikarp University Promotion Card Value

Pokemon Name: Magikarp
Evolves Into: Gyarados
Release Date: 1998
Set: Promo Card

University Magikarp Japanese Pokemon Card 129

Description: Magikarp is typically not a rare or valuable Pokemon card, unless it looks like the one pictured above. This Magikarp is an exclusive Japanese Promo card released in Japan during the Tamamushi University campaign in June 1998. The winners of series of Pokemon matches would proceed to higher levels, eventually, the final winners would be awarded this rare promo card.

Value: Condition is king, but so is the market and its demands. Recently the prices for this card have sky-rocketed. A low-quality one recently sold for $6,600 on eBay. Once encapsulated by a 3rd party authentication service, the value will only go up on a card like this. We’ve paid over $10,000 for examples just like this card. If you have this card, you have something truly valuable.

University Magikarp Japanese Pokemon Card 129 sale

Text: Trickle. Flip 2 coins. This attack does 10 damage times the number of heads.

Dragon Rage. Flip 2 coins. If either of them is tails, this attack does nothing.

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