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How much is an Espeon Pokemon Card worth?

Pokemon Name: Espeon
Evolves from: Eevee
Release Date: 2000
Rarity: Rare
Game: Pokemon

Espeon POP Play Series 5 025PLAY

Value of Espeon


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The value of Espeon cards can vary heavily depending on numerous factors like current market demand, condition, and scarcity. As shown in this guide, some Espeon cards can be worth a lot more.

A lot of people approach us with their Pokemon Collections thinking they’ve struck it rich, and sometimes that’s true, however most of the time it’s not. A lot of Pokemon cards really aren’t worth what people think they’re worth.

The most expensive Espeon card we’ve ever purchased was a Japanese PLAY Promotion card in mint condition, meaning it was practically brand new. We paid up and spent $11,500 in order to obtain this single Pokemon card.

We’ve been collecting Pokemon trading cards now for over 20 years and consider ourselves to be the strongest Pokemon card buyers across the entire United States.


Espeon Card Value Table

SetTypePoor ConditionAverage ConditionMint Condition
Crossing the Ruins...Unlimited$10$50$700
Crossing the Ruins...1st Edition$100 – $200$800$3,000
Neo Premium File 2Unlimited$1$5$25
Neo Premium File 21st Edition$15$40$100
The Town on No MapHolo$20$200$700
The Town on No MapNon-Holo$2$15$100
Magma VS Aqua: Two AmbitionsNon-Holo$1$5$20
Holon Research TowerReverse Holo$5$10$250
Holon Research TowerHolo$2.50$5$150
Dawn DashNon-Holo$3$5$15
Dawn DashReverse Holo$5$75$500
Reviving LegendsNon-Holo$1$5$10
L-P Promotional cardsHolo$5$25$200

Most Espeon cards are common, however, there are rare cards that show up in collections every so often. There are times we’ve been offered full collections filled with strictly Espeon cards, which can be challenging to estimate a value for.

There’s a lot that goes into finding the value of  Espeon cards, especially the unique ones. We go over the majority of Espeon cards on this website, however, there are extremely rare cards that never surface. If you have an Espeon card and you don’t see it in this guide, send us clear photos so we can tell you how much it’s worth, at no cost to you!

Disclaimer: Do not fall victim to selling your valuable collection to a local pawn or card shop that may rob you of what your Pokemon cards are really worth. Contact a Pokemon expert before selling any cards you own.

Is my Espeon card fake?

Good news, I’ll start by saying there is a good chance your Espeon is real. If it’s fake, aka a “proxy” card, it’s worth $0. We’ve handled literally millions of Pokemon cards during our time collecting. If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s spotting a fake Pokemon card.

We have seen nearly every single fake counterfeit Espeon card under the sun.

Seeing images over a computer screen can sometimes be difficult when determining authenticity. That’s why when we get offered a Pokemon collection we can’t offer our best price until we see the cards in hand.

While it may be second nature for us to spot them out, we wanted to take some time and put together this guide to help you spot fake Pokemon cards and better educate yourself.

If your Espeon is any/all of the following, your bill is fake:

  • It’s laminated
  • It’s black/white
  • It feels like printer paper
  • It’s smaller than Pokemon today
  • It’s much bigger than Pokemon today
  • It does not have a holographic layer
  • It looks blurry
  • It doesn’t feel like a Pokemon card

Real and Fake 1st Edition Charizard Pokemon Card

There are many other factors that go into finding out if a Espeon card is fake or real. These are the quick indicators that are easiest to spot when first learning.

Espeon cards are typically are not highly counterfeited. There are, however, some incredibly valuable Espeon cards, making it worth it to some.

The more valuable a Pokemon card is, the higher chance it has of being faked. If you need help please send us a picture and we’d gladly determine the authenticity of your Espeon card.

CGC Cards recently released an article showing a counterfeit Charizard 1st edition card. CGC uses advanced technology to help determine authenticity. A lot of these fakes can be determined as soon as a grader sees the card in person. Sometimes a picture on the internet isn’t good enough to tell a fake from a real card. See the below example of some of the technology used.

1st edition Fake charizard card comparison CGC Cards

Selling your Espeon Card

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An old Espeon card has been given to you from a friend or passed down from a family member and you don’t really care to keep it. You’d much rather have money in your bank account.

The absolute worst thing you could do is bring your Espeon Pokemon to a pawn shop. They will likely pay you an extremely small percentage of what the card is actually worth.

You want to avoid selling your card or Pokemon collection to a large company as well. These larger companies have numerous employees and high overhead costs. High overhead costs lead to requiring the company to pay less for Pokemon cards. This results in less money in your pocket.


Find a Pokemon Expert

Pokemon experts are different than your typical local Pawn or Card shop.

Most experts are collectors themselves and truly love the hobby as a whole. Almost all local shops are almost required to rip-off the people they’re buying from.

They do it in order to pay for renting a big building and having multiple employees. I’ve been collecting Pokemon cards almost my entire life. This is something I’m truly passionate about.


Safely Shipping your Pokemon collection

Shipping your Pokemon cards to us is easy.

When you ship your collection to us it’s important you insure it for the amount you feel comfortable with. If you’re unhappy with the final offer we give you once we receive your Pokemon cards, we will return the Pokemon collection to you with shipping paid by us.


Getting Paid

Payment is sent via PayPal or checks when you sell your Pokemon cards to us. Once we receive the package we verify the Pokemon and send your payment the same or next day.

We have satisfied thousands of collectors who shipped us their Pokemon cards.


We Buy Pokemon

There currently isn’t anyone who can offer more money for your old Espeon card than us. Why?


We don’t have to pay hundreds of employees like others. This allows us to pay you more money than anyone else. We want to buy your old Pokemon collections and I assure you you’ll be satisfied dealing with us. We’ve made the process extremely simple, contact us today we’d love to chat.


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I was hesitant about selling my Pokemon cards online before coming to you guys. Not only did you offer more money for my cards than any local shop, but you also made the entire experience painless. The entire process was refreshing. Thank you!!!

P. D. (Verified Customer)

Nov 20, 2019, ★★★★★

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